Native American Mythic Beings

Below are an assortment of mythic beings associated with the various Native American tribes who populated the Kite Mountain region. This list is broken down by newest-to-most-ancient tribes. Because of certain consistencies of the local teachings, a single being may have been named using different words. These name variants will be noted after the formal name for that tribe / era.

Ojibwa People

Oneota people

Trempeleau Hopewell people

Ojibwe people

Memegwesi people

<u>Folsom people</u>

Odoodeman Tribal totem spirits

A-nish ina-beg The tribe of mortal / spirits, the Clovis people (in general)

Hobomok Child of Manabush

Webeno Birds of the Stars (Nanabozho)

Webeno Medicine

Zagime Stinging winds from the north, a Sila

<u>Pre-Folsom spirits</u>

Gichi-manidoo The Sky

Binesi The Sun                Nooke The Bear

Manidoog The Landscape    Nanabozho The Star Spirits

Manabush Stone Trickster

       (Teacher of medi)

Aashaa monetoo The Wet Earth      Mishaabooz The Rabbit

Misikinabik The Moon

Waabaadkiing The Year Cycle

Wawaazisii The Healer, Bullhead Trout, Spring

Baswenaazhi The Scout, Sounding Birds, Summer

Aan aawenh The Speaker, Pintail Duck, Autumn

Mishibijiw The Ruin, Lynx, Winter

Native American Mythic Beings

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