Mythic Roster

There are a vast number of mythical beasts, spirits, and beings who populate both the Dream World and Real World locations in and around Kite Mountain.

Below are the links to those beings who exist within one of the three 'myth' types common to the region:

The Native American Mythic Beings existed in the region from before the time of recorded history. Some of these beings have changed and renewed themselves as different cultures developed, flourished, and diminished over time. Some of these beings will have multiple names attached to them, depending upon what cultures (and their language) recognized them in their teachings.

The Irish Beings of Legend came into the region in the 1600's, along with the trappers and settlers of the lands.

Finally, there are those beings who don't really belong to either of the above rosters, but have achieved Beings of Folklore status within the community.

Mythic Roster

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